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MicroRNAs: New non-invasive diagnostic biomarkers and therapeutic method for cancer treatment

Tamadir H. W. Aledani, Kassim F. Abdulkareem
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Page 1-12

Seminal fluid analysis changes after testicular varicocelectomy in a sample of Iraqi patients

Anwar Hikmet Majed, Manal Kamal Rasheed, Mohammed Oudah Jasim
Abstract 147 | Full text PDF Downloads 6

Page 13-25

Role of Videolaryngostroboscopy in the diagnosis of dysphonic patients with normal fiberoptic laryngoscopy

Sajad Younis Al-Helo, Ahmed Mohammad Al-Safi, Rahma Agab Aljanabi
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Page 26-38

Evaluation of VEGF-A in relation to childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (in Basrah, Iraq)

Zainab A. Badr, Wijdan N. AL-Moosawi, Sadiq k. Ali
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Page 39-44

Sepsis-Associated Cholestasis: The Impact of Mitochondrial Dysfunction (A Case Report)

Behzad Noroozi, Ali Mohammad Had, Bita Shahrami, Ayda Vakili Ardabili, Fatemeh Yoonesi, Kaveh Hedayati Emami, Hamid Reza Sharifnia, Mojtaba Mojtahedzadeh
Abstract 222 | Full text PDF Downloads 42

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Antisocial Behavior Etiologies

Sundus Fadhil Hantoosh, Rasha Sadeq Ameen, Seenaa S. Amin
Abstract 225 | Full text PDF Downloads 79

Page 49-61

The Challenges, Risks, And Concerns Perceived By Iraqi Medical Doctors: A Cross Sectional Study

Alaa H. Abed , Basim AA Abdul-Hassan , Dhurgham A Abdulwahid
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Page 62-81

Doppler-Guided Hemorrhoid Artery Ligation with Recto-Anal Repair Outcome on Female Patients in Basra: Assessment Study

Ohood S. Leabi , Alaa H. Abed , Wafa S. Al-Maliki
Abstract 134 | Full text PDF Downloads 44

Page 84-92

Acceptance Of Covid-19 Vaccine Among General Population In Iraq

Hasanain Faisal Ghazi, Taqi Mohammed Jwad Taher , Shaymaa Abdul Lateef Alfadhul , Sumayah Al-Mahmood , Shaimaa Ahmad Hassan, Tamathir Abbas Hamoudi , Rana Hussein Raheema
Abstract 423 | Full text PDF Downloads 152

Page 93-103