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Incidence of cholelithiasis after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy

Iea Rabeea Alabbasi, Issam Merdan, Falih Mohsen Al-Gazgooz
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Page 63-69

Evaluation of functional recovery after upper limb replantation

Heider H. Tayah
Abstract 148 | Full text PDF Downloads 4

Page 70-84

Evaluation of Mehta's modification of the Crawford technique for Frontalis Sling Surgery with Silicon rod in Severe Ptosis

Baydaa A. AL Abdullah, Mohammed Breesam Hatif
Abstract 123 | Full text PDF Downloads 4

Page 85-94

Interleukin in Aqueous Humor of Phacoemulsification Surgery

Salah Z. Al-Asadi, Wijdan Nazar, Saja Moayeed
Abstract 132 | Full text PDF Downloads 34

Urological and surgical complications of renal transplant recipients as a single-center experience

Safaa G. Mezban, Adnan Athafa, Ismiel Khalfa Abood
Abstract 162 | Full text PDF Downloads 5

Page 101-110

Age-Related Value of Anti-Mullerian Hormone

Doaa Faraj Noor , Rasmiyah Eribi Al-Midhachi , Ghufran Jaafar , Maysoon Sharief
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Page 111-116

Knowledge of Women from Basrah about Breast Cancer: Its Risk and Preventive Factors

Aliyah D Habeeb, Haider MS Al-Attar, Ali Hani Maqtoof, Omran S Habib
Abstract 159 | Full text PDF Downloads 4

Page 117-123

Assessment of neonatal mortality major factors

Rasmiya O. Lafta, Husam A. Habeeb
Abstract 222 | Full text PDF Downloads 12

Page 124-130