Superomedial Pedicle Septum based Reduction Mammoplasty for Breast Hypertrophy Superiomedia pedicle with septum for hypertrophic breast reduction

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Hiba Mohammed Saeed Alkharasani
Jabir Raheem Hameed


Keywords Breast reduction . Superiomedial pedicle technique . Mammoplasty . Würinger’s septum . Breast hypertrophy .




Background: Reduction mammoplasty is a technique used for treating women with breast hypertrophy, in addition to improving the appearance of these breasts. Hence, the corrections under this mammoplasty include functional and aesthetic outcomes, while preserving the vascularity and sensibility of the breasts.

Aim : To evaluate superomedial septal-based reduction mammoplasty in patients with breast hypertrophy on Nipple Areola Complex (NAC) vascularity, sensibility and overall complications.

Patients and Methods: A total of 29 patients with bilateral breast hypertrophy underwent reduction mammoplasty with the superomedial pedicle and septal perforated technique. The mean distance of SN-N was 36.9 cm on the right side and 37.4 cm on the left side. The mean distance transfer of nipple–areola was 18.2 cm for the right side and 18 cm for the left side. The mean excised tissue was 1283 g from the right side and 1240 g from the left side.

Results: Postoperatively, the mean of SN-N was 21.5 cm for both the right and left side. A limited wound dehiscence occurred in four patients (13.8%), impaired nipple sensation occurred in three patients (10.1%), while infection was found in one patient (3.4%).

Conclusions: In our study, using the superomedial pedicle and septal perforator provided a safe and reliable technique for treating patients with breast hypertrophy, including macromastia and gigantomastia. It minimized the risk of vascular compromise of the NAC. this technique was found to show minor complications and provide good aesthetic outcomes.



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