please read the Reviwer Guidelines cairfully

Reviewers Guidelines

Dear Reviewer please use the WORD program in the review process , paper work is not allowed any more

open the REVIEW  tab in the Main menu and Click on the TRACK CHANGES icon in it in order to able us to see the changes that you wont to do on the document .

Or use the Comment Icon to add comments on the various sections of the article

And you can change the color of the text to red for the part to be removed and blue to the part to be changed

to see EXAMPLES Click on the PDF file 

After you have completed your reviewing and you places the changes needed and the comments on the text

please FILL THE EVALUATION EXCEL SHEET as shown in the Example

1- notes please fill your name and the date and the Article title

2- then change the fill of  each chosen cell to red color to show the score

3- finally write your comment under each score provided