The IqNJM is a medical journal  that promotes the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health, supports the principles of competent, compassionate and ethical care, and excellent patient-physician communication. The IqNJM is the official journal of the Iraqi Association of Medical Researches and Studies (IAMRS)


The IqNJM is peer reviewed, biannual publication with single volume and two issues. The journal is published by the Iraqi Association of medical research and studies. The manuscript should be in English.
  • The IqNJM is peer reviewed, biannual publication with a single volume and two issues. The journal is published by the Iraqi Association of Medical Research and Studies. The manuscript should be in English.
  • The IqNJM cover all fields in medicine with special interest in publications with clinical relevance . Basic sciences are also welcomed.
  • This is an open access journal, published as online and paper versions under the terms of creative commons attribution – noncommercial (CC-BY-NC) licence.

The journal is committed to publish only papers that abide to the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki (and its updates) for ethical principles for medical research involving human subjects. And to follow the rules of the National Institution of Health (NIH) in the care and use of animal in medical research.

  • the journal follows the international standards of publication according to the Committee On Publication Ethics (COPE) and Office of Research Integrity (ORI)
  • The author is required to pay 20 USD or its equivalents as submission fees which is non-refundable.
  • For a manuscript that is accepted for reviewing, the author should pay extra 100 USD or its equivalents as  reviewing charges.
  • Additional fees are required for printing after paper acceptance.
  1. The covering letter should include the corresponding author and all the contributing authors with their scientific degrees, places of work and contact information. All authors need to sign the acceptance of the right of publication by the IqNJM.
  2. Title page should include the title of the article with the name of all authors, their affiliation and contact information, in addition of running title.
  1. Abstract (structured) including background, aim, methods, results and conclusion
  2. Keywords
  3. Introduction and aim of the study
  4. Materials and Methods
  5. Results
  6. Discussion
  7. Conclusion
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. Conflict of interest
  10. Authors contribution
  11. References

Tables should be in separate papers and word format

Figures should be in separate papers and JPEG format with the highest resolution possible.

Figures should not have legend embedded in it. The legend should be typed in word format below each figure.

  1. References should be typed according to the vancover method as the examples below.
    1. Article example.

Hafezi F, Nouhi A. Safe abdominoplasty with extensive liposuctioning. Annals of plastic surgery. 2006 Aug 1;57(2):149-53.

Book example.

Smith J, Aston S. Grabb and Smith’s plastic surgery . Plastic Surgical     Nursing. 1991 Apr 1;11(1):29.

Case report example.

Nicoll JA, Wilkinson D, Holmes C, Steart P, Markham H, Weller RO. Neuropathology of human Alzheimer disease after immunization with amyloid-β peptide: a case report. Nature medicine. 2003 Apr 1;9(4):448-52.

Review of literature example

Allison DB, Casey DE. Antipsychotic-induced weight gain: a review of the literature. The Journal of clinical psychiatry. 2001.

The text should be in American English format, times new roman style, size 14, double spaced.

Advisory Board

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